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Security Policy

Security Guarantee Policy

The security for all personally identifiable information associated with our guests is of utmost concern to us. Only those employees who need access to your information in order to do their jobs are allowed access. Any employee violations to our privacy and/or security policies are subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Secured Site

Our site uses advance 256-bit Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) to encrypt your information to ensure that only you and CTechGlass ever see it. With SSL in place, you can be confident that providing your private information on our website will be as secured as calling in through phone.

You can click on the seal bellow to verify our SSL Certificate.

Some, very few, Web browsers and firewalls will not permit a secure connection. If the connection from where you are at cannot be secured, you can still use the standard connection to process your transaction, but this method is not guaranteed to be secure. Or if you are logged in to your account, you can give our Customer Service Department a free call from the Contact Us page and we will be glad to further assist you with your transaction.

How to tell if your computer is secured when shopping with CTechGlass

To check if your connection is secured when shopping with us, check that a "lock" or a "key" icon is displayed in your browser window. A webpage will always be secured when it requires you to input private information, not all pages such as the product page will be secured. You can also check by looking at the URL bar on top of the browser when you are logged in to your account. This line will typically show the first characters as "https" when a secure connection has been established rather than "http" which indicates a connection that is not secured.

Protect your CTechGlass password

Your password is your key to your personal information on CTechGlass - including your account information and your order information. Please keep this in a safe, secure place and do not share your password with others. If you should forget your password, CTechGlass can email a new password to your account's email address.